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~plan a beach trip
~go camping
~again and again and again
~take a road trip in june
~take a road trip in july
~jump off a cliff into a lake (lets make it happen, its been one for a long time!)
~play all my favorite childhood games
~see an old friend
~have lots of cookouts
~go to the lake
~tell ghost stories in a graveyard
~don't fall in love
~party like its 1999
~realize guys are not worth my time
~befriend someone new
~change someone's life

i'll be checking these off as i accomplish them.
friends, please help me accomplish my goals
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go to the lake with me and my spain park friends, you can job off c liff into the lake. :)
& we're going to texas in july.
& we will go the beach in august?
hahaha sounds great. and me and ash want to go camping, so that can get done. and i'm sure some of the guys would want to go to a graveyard, b/c they are weird and all