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a boring story

and then we BANGED!!

3 May 1988
school_hoover high
siblings_one brother, 2 sisters
100.5, 106.9, 3, 3 doors down, 311, 4th of july, 80's music, acting, acustic guitar, aerosmith, aim, alternative rock, anchorman, audioslave, bass guitar, bebe, best friends, blue eyes, body shop, bonfires, breaking benjamin, broadway, butts, california, camp sumatanga, candy, card games, cars, cathrine zeta-jones, cats, chad michael murray, charlie mars, chick-fil-a, chicken fingers, classic rock, clue, coldplay, curly hair, curve, dancing, dave matthews band, delias, drama, dreams, driving, duran duran, electric guitar, ever after, ewan mcgregor, fall out boy, fierce, fiona apple, foo fighters, football, friends, friends (the tv show), girl talk, graham colton band, green day, guys, hearts, heath ledger, hide and seek, hollywood, hugging, ian sommerhalder, incubus, jewel, jewelry, jimmy eat world, johnny depp, jokes, kissing, laughing, lenny kravitz, lilies, love, lovespell, madonna, make-up, making out, mall, marianne curley, movies, my chemical romance, new york, nickleback, nicole kidman, night, oasis, one tree hill, orbit gum, orlando bloom, painting, papa roach, parties, pictures, postal service, queen, racing games, rain, rampage, reading, red hot chillie peppers, rene zellweger, rock music, savage garden, sbarro, shine down, shoes, shopping, silvertide, singers, singing, sleeping, smallville, smelling good, smiling, sneaking out, soccer, softball, sports, sprite, stars, stereophonics, stuffed animals, subway, sunshine, surprises, sweet cherry pie, switchfoot, tag, talking, thanksgiving, the killers, the notebook, the oc, the sims, the woods, theatre, tiger lillies, tigers, tobey mcguire, traveling, tv, velvet revolver, vessie b, work, ym magazine