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so i havent posted in a loooong time...
i thought i would start it out tonight by saying this:
i've been thinking a lot about death lately. not my own, but others. it seems as if a lot of people are dying lately. this one girl, sarah, died this past weekend. she was only 18. the same age as me. she was beautiful and nice and all around a great person. but her life was cut short. unexpectedly. and tonight, when all those storms hit, a lot of people died. unexpectedly. its so sad to think about. all these people with tons of potential or none at all just died. i mean, they could have been me, or someone that i truely cared about. i dont want to die when i'm young. i feel like i have too much to offer the world right now. i'm sure they did too. i want to be one of those people to change the world for the better somehow. tonight when i was driving to work in the storm, i was sure i was goign to die. and i was wishing i had done more of the things i had wanted to do but never had the corage to do them, i was wishing i had spent more time with the people i love. i love so many people, its what i do best, but i never get to see them enough for them to know that. when i realized i was safe and the storm was over i thought i need to start doing things. actually living life instead of wasting away in my shallow hole. people say "relax, its just life" but its just life until you have no more life to live. i want every day to be spent doing something i love. or at least doing one thing i love. and i dont want to forget a moment of it.
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