heather (hollywoodchick3) wrote,

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learn how to fucking tip if your going out to eat at a nice resturuant!!!!

i swear, today at work, no one tiped even a dime. its like, why the hell would you go out to eat if your not going to tip/ some of you might say "well maybe they didnt have good service" bull shit they did! there are maybe 2 servers who arent that great, but neither of them worked today. i guess people do not realize that servers only get paid $2.13 an hour, and that $2.13 an hour gets taken away, for taxes, for there pay checks are Void. so basically, they earn money from their tips and their tips only. now next time you all go out to eat, please remember that, please, because its very sad to spend a great deal of effort in a table and not get tiped well. thank you
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